Common Misconceptions About CBD

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When it comes to cannabidiol (CBD), many myths and misconceptions tend to arise among the public when it is brought up as a topic of discussion.

Even though information nowadays is much easier to access than before thanks to our current technology, misinformation about CBD still persists, which then further results in the said myths and misconceptions many tend to associate with CBD in general.

Various Myths and False Information

Misconceptions about CBD range from being proven to have no health benefits to it being illegal. As there are reasons as to why these misconceptions exist, it is best to dive deep into why conclusions about CBD are rushed and over-the-top.

Therefore, being properly informed of correct information is the key to disproving myths and misinformation that surround CBD and other related topics. There is no specific set of myths and misconceptions about CBD that one should be wary of, but instead, a list of the most prevalent and commonly talked about. Listed below are some of them that you should be properly aware of:

  1. No proven health benefits and is considered a "Wonder Drug" (One-for-All).

This is one of the common misinterpretations when it comes to CBD. People may say that there is little to no evidence at all that proves CBD has various health benefits. The only problem is that they are expecting that CBD can be used for any kind of illness (i.e. the misconception of CBD being useful for treating cancer), which CBD is not intended for.

CBDs are mostly used for alleviating symptoms of muscle pain and inflammation after a stressful day of work or after doing an intense and strenuous exercise routine.

It is worth keeping in mind that CBD and other related products aren’t a one-for-all kind of drug/medication, but instead an organic alternative that should never replace prescribed medical treatment.

  1. Can CBD cure cancer?

The simple answer to that question is unfortunately no.

However, it is undetermined whether CBD can indeed help alleviate the symptoms of cancer due to few and mixed results from various studies made.

  1. CBD is simply another form of marijuana, only somewhat legalized.

One of the common misunderstandings of the public not being aware of CBD is that they think that it is just legalized marijuana, which is incorrect in many aspects. The possible source of this could be the fact that both CBD and marijuana are derived from the same plant, therefore drawing associations between CBD and marijuana by default.

Do take note that while CBD is extracted from the same plant as marijuana, it is extracted from hemp which is a different process from how the latter is extracted. Add the fact that it only has less than 0.3% THC, which is the main component for making a person "high". Such an insignificant amount guarantees that you will not get high after consuming CBD-related products.

  1. CBD is illegal to use and consume.

Due to the history of marijuana being mostly illegal in many countries around the world, many people confuse that CBD is also illegal due to it coming from the same plant as marijuana does (pointed out in #2). 

However, that isn't the case at all with the CBD case as it is legal in the United States as long as it is derived from hemp. That means that there are more hemp derivatives used as ingredients, instead of cannabis which is currently illegal. However, for other countries, the purchase and usage of CBD-related products (hemp-derived or otherwise) will highly depend on their own local laws regarding it.

Is CBD Suitable for Me? 

At this point you might be wondering to yourself if using CBD is suitable for you. The direct answer to that question will depend on you and in your willingness to try it for yourself.

Additionally, it will also depend on your doctor’s findings after consulting them before using CBD. Lastly, the legality of CBD in your country will also factor in deciding if it is going to be suitable for you.

Where Can I Purchase Top-Quality CBD Products?

Now that we have discussed some of the common myths and misconceptions about CBD, you might now be interested in where you can purchase a hemp-derived CBD product, such as oils and tinctures, but don’t know where to start?

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